Real Wood Floors


White Oak

Single Planks: 150mm Thickness:20mm Width:150

Available Pre-finished in either semi-gloss or satin natural finish, or unfinished.

Hardwood Floors

Wood Floor

Before laying this particular oak floor because of differences in floor level it was necessary to level and screed the floor in places. We then lay a waterproof membrane followed by a high grade underlay before fitting the oak planks. We finished off with 5" oak Taurus skirting board which was all sanded and oiled and fixed using hidden screws and glue and dowel.

Wood Floors

Original Floor Board Restoration

As well as fitting new flooring, we also restore old. On this particular job we replaced any damaged old pine boards and sanded the entire floor using various grade sandpaper until smooth and coated with a polyurethane light oak satin finish.


Oak Floor before & after Oiling

This shows the floor before and after oiling. The floor already comes treated but sometimes it is necessary to sand and oil the floor with either a danish oil, stain or polyeurethane wear resistant protective coat.