Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions Important Information:

Planning permission is not always required, unless external work or enlarging the building, although sometimes permitted development rights have been removed from some properties and therefore you should contact your local planning authority before proceeding. We strongly recommend that you use an experienced architectural designer to carry out your initial scheme design as they will be able to best advise the limitations imposed by building regulations and know how to make most of the space available.

Building Regulations:

The conversion of a garage into habitable space will usually require approval under the Building Regulations. We work close with building controll to ensure all of the work meets current regulations.

Insulation & Ventilation:

The conversion will need to meet building regulation in terms of insulation of the walls, floor and roof area, sufficient ventilation will usually also be required.

Walls Floors and Foundation

Some excavation work may be needed for footings to take new walls and doorways in the conversion. Flooring in existing garages are usually lower than flooring in the main house and sometimes sloping. The flooring will need to be protected from rising damp and also insulated and leveled throughout. Some garage walls are only single brick and external walls will need to adequately insulated to current regulation.

Windows and Heating

Due to current regulations new windows need to be energy efficient and double glazed and also match with existing windows in the house. Usually one or more of the windows will need to allow access out of the room in case of emergency. If the new floor is at least 150mm thick, an underfloor heating system as an extension of the existing central heating can be considered. or in most cases an additional number of radiators.

Next Step:

Your designer will prepare building regulations drawings and submit these for approval to the council or to an approved inspector. These working drawings will contain all the information needed to meet current regulations, and will provide us with accurate details to which we can then work too.


Typical view from inside a garage conversion, showing process of insulating of walls, roof and flooring. Flooring being levelled through and new doorways cut out. This is the part the building inspector will find interesting, checking all neccessary thicknesses of insulation has been used.

Garage Renovations

Photo showing new brickwork and windows custom made to match existing style throughout the house with wooden frames and aluminium frames, powder coated to match existing windows.

Bespoke Garages

Inside view of new living space.